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Have you ever been in a sticky situation where you drive to a dealership lot, thinking you would see the vehicle you have been wanting, and leaving empty-handed? Think about the last vehicle you bought. Did you get everything you wanted? Was it in the right color? Or were there limited options to choose from? You could have known exactly what you wanted but had a hard time finding your dream car at any of the dealerships in town. Why settle for something that is close enough when you can get the car you want exactly the way you want it. Not to mention that a lot of dealerships overcharge sticker price for reservations and with car shortages the prices of vehicles keep increasing. That's where our new GM VIP Program comes into play. We never overcharge sticker price and by reserving your vehicle today, you lock-in that lower price and protect yourself from future price increases. 

Let's get into the weeds and talk more about why you should pre-order your next vehicle at Octane GMC, our new GM VIP program, what the benefits are, and the insights into why this program is an ideal option due to current and future market trends.

Why You Should Reserve In-Production Vehicles at Octane GMC

You've heard about the horror stories. People get super excited about their favorite upcoming new vehicle becoming available for pre-order only to have their hearts broken and trust shattered with sticker shock. The local dealership they visit to pre-order their beloved vehicle is charging thousands more than the suggested retail MSRP. One thing you can always count on at Octane GMC is a sweet and fair deal. No additional markups or unforeseen costs over sticker price. You never have to worry about over-paying when you pre-order a vehicle with us. Plus, we provide top dollar for your trade-in so you have even more money in your pocket. Now that's a sweet deal. 

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Our New GM VIP Program

The New GM VIP Program at Octane Buick GMC of Santa Fe where you can pre-order vehicles in-production

Here at Octane GMC, we are proud to introduce the brand new GM Vehicles-In-Production (VIP) Program that offers up our in-production vehicles that can be reserved and pre-ordered online from the comfort of your home. The GM VIP program gives the customer the power to select the exact vehicle, model, and trim, even down to the color choice, you want by simply pre-ordering it straight off the production line before it hits any dealership lot. You get exactly what you want and none of what you don't want. This program introduces an innovative way for ordering new vehicles in the future whenever a delay or shortage occurs for any reason. You don't need to wait any longer to get that shiny new vehicle you've been eyeing. Delays and shortages are a thing of the past.

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The Benefits of Buying In-Production Vehicles

I know we all love taking in a new car smell and enjoying the new bells and whistles your stunning new car features. But sometimes when you purchase a new vehicle from the dealership lot, your car may have had some test drives and sit-ins from other customers before you are handed the key. Whereas with the VIP Program, you are the only one who touches, uses, drives, and sits in your new car. It has never had to sit through a test drive and no other potential customer has ever graced your vehicle with their presence. It will come shiny, smooth, and as an added plus, with absolute zero mileage. You get to experience the first-class treatment that a first-class customer deserves from purchasing it online to receiving it brand new and unused. Here are some additional benefits to consider:

•  You get to select your dream car from an extensive production list with all the exact features and add-ons available that the dealership's current inventory might not have.

•  You can research different models and trim levels as long as you want until you find the right option for you.

•  No hassle. Decide when you want your car on your own timeline and budget.

•  Power of choice. Aside from supply shortages, a lot of dealers only stock the most popular vehicles. Reserving VIP vehicles expands your choice beyond what's available at the dealer.

•  Pre-ordering can save you money in the long run since you prevent the risk of settling when on the lot or being upsold on a vehicle you weren't 100% on.

•  Eliminate impulse purchases. Far too often people end up impulse buying and later wishing something else was in their driveway.

•  The price is set. No markups and no additional fees. You get your VIP vehicle for exactly the price it is listed.

How the GM VIP Program Works

How the New GM VIP Program at Octane Buick GMC of Santa Fe works with step by step instructions

With the Vehicles-In-Production program, you have the exclusive ability to pre-order and reserve vehicles that are currently in-production and just rolled off the line. The process of pre-ordering a VIP vehicle is comprised of 3 short, easy steps:

1.  Find the vehicle you want to pre-order based on your desired model and features from the available lists we have on our site.

2.  Copy the order number you decided on to your customer clipboard.

3.  Fill out the form to confirm pre-order and call our team with the order number to make sure everything is reserved.

Once these steps are completed, you are one step closer to receiving your new car. Our selection for vehicles that can pre-ordered range from GMC Trucks to GMC SUVs. With the VIP list growing daily, delivery times and available models may vary as new vehicles are reserved and produced.

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The Solution for Current Automotive Production Shortages & Delays

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, production delays and chip manufacturing issues for the automotive industry started popping up all across the country and we even felt the effects of it here in Santa Fe, NM. Paired with the genius of the automotive wizards over at GM, we decided enough is enough. We began thinking of new ways to streamline the process for our customers, so they don't have to deal with any more extended delays or inventory shortages. These delays, including the shortage of computer chips that are needed to run today's cars and trucks, has made a significant impact for the automotive industry as a whole and how we look at buying cars. Thus, that is how the GM VIP Program was born. Instead of dealerships waiting for their promised inventory to arrive on their lots from the manufacturing plants, they can now offer those production vehicles up for pre-order. Which means you, as the customer, can navigate around the hurdle of low inventory and pre-order your vehicle that is specially made to suit your needs.

Octane is the Leading Provider of New GMC Vehicles in Santa Fe, NM

Octane Buick GMC is the leading provider of new Buick GMC vehicles in Santa Fe where you can now pre-order vehicles in-production with our VIP program

With the market continuously evolving and changing, the option to pre-order your new car online without having to deal with any middleman not only streamlines the production process, but also makes the purchasing process easier for you, the customer. You're in control. By putting the power in your hands, you can research, select, and buy the vehicle you want. And better yet, you can take your time and wait for the right opportunity rather than rushing to purchase due to the available inventory that is on the lot. Octane GMC is a leading automotive provider in and around the Santa Fe, NM area. We love our community, and you deserve the best. Contact us today to learn more information about the GM VIP Program and what it can offer you and your new car pre-ordering needs or click the link below to get started on your VIP journey.

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